From Pupil to Employee:
Advocacy and Training for Youth and Women at Risk in the County of Dolj

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The project aims to establish the V13 and Empo programs, which will act as a framework for activities dedicated to inactive young people and housewives / inactive women. In line with FAS and Romania strategies, project activities will have a strong participatory approach, promote informal learning, job training, increase participation in formal education/training and the ability to advocate for their needs and actively combat social exclusion. and economic.

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Marți, Decembrie 21, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 259
Each year, on December 5th, we celebrate International Volunteer Day. For us, it is a day of gratitude and joy. It has been more than seven years since the activities of our programs could not have been accomplished without the wonderful volunteers who have made a profession of faith by giving their time, energy, knowledge, and goodwill to those...
Vineri, Septembrie 17, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 564
Between August 16th-31st 2021, we participated as partners in the projects "Youth’s Perspective on Employment" and "On the way to school” projects funded by the Erasmus + program. Key Action: Mobility projects for young people, the theme being employability among young people, respectively education Thanks to the organization „Ankara Eğitim...
Marți, August 10, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 612
How do you think our thematic workshops started? The natural way to go - with smiles, emotions and great openness. The participants, the volunteers and the team got to know each other, became friends in the blink of an eye and thus spent wonderful moments together, creating a very good start to a road that looks beautiful and very useful for each...
Miercuri, Iulie 14, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 371
Do you want to make a positive change in the community? We are waiting for you in our team of super volunteers, to share your experience with our young people, to teach them new things, to inspire them and to help them develop their skills and competencies. Complete this short questionnaire Over the next 19 months, the Adina Stiftelsen Foundation...
Miercuri, Iulie 14, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 366
Between June 28th and July 2nd, 2021, we will open the doors to all those who want to visit Adina Home and find out as much information as possible about our super project „From Pupil to Employee: Advocacy and Training for Youth and Women at Risk in the County of Dolj”. MAPS We invite you to meet our team, to visit the rooms where the project...
Miercuri, Iulie 14, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 362
While the sociologists from our team of volunteers interpret the data obtained from the mapping, we started the selection of the beneficiaries, we prepared and displayed the informative posters! They can be found in public institutions in the communes of Șimnicu de Sus, Goiești and Fărcaș. The project is implemented by Adina Stiftelsen...
Miercuri, Iulie 14, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 302
We are excited to announce that the application phase of the questionnaires has been successfully completed! Over the past seven weeks, nineteen volunteers have invested 829 hours of their time. In this way, we want to thank them and congratulate them! The stage of centralization, interpretation, and analysis prior to the realization of the...
Miercuri, Iulie 14, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 286
Together with volunteer students from the Faculty of Social Sciences Craiova, specialization - Sociology, we started the mapping within the sociological research we carry out, as part of the project „From Pupil to Employee: Advocacy and Training for Youth and Women at Risk in the County of Dolj”. The activity involves going from door to door to...
Luni, Iulie 12, 2021 Active Citizens Fund 253
On 30.03.2021 we launched an official project „From Pupil to Employee: Advocacy and Training for Youth and Women at Risk in the County of Dolj”. The online event was an opportunity to present the objectives and activities of the project, but especially about how we can be joined by local actors in the field of education, training, employability,...

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Project implemented by Adina Stiftelsen Foundation, in partnership with Adina Stiftelsen Bergen and Stiftelsen Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen with the financial support of the Active Citizens Fund Romania, programme funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021. For more details visit Information about Active Citizens Fund Romania is available at

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0351 439 008 | 0749 153 016
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