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Adina Stiftelsen Foundation is a welfare, apolitical and nongovernmental organization legally registered as a freestanding foundation in 2004. Adina Stiftelsen Foundation is accredited as social services provider and run educational services in order
to prevent school dropout in Dolj’s county rural areas.


To build people through holistic education and support so that they develop their abilities and competences from kindergarten to working life.


A society that enable children and youth at risk to become active and independent members.


Respect for Diversity and Human Dignity. Professionalism.

Do you want to make a positive change in the community? 

We are waiting for you in our team of super volunteers, to share your experience with our young people, to teach them new things, to inspire them and to help them develop their skills and competencies. 

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Over the next 19 months, the Adina Stiftelsen Foundation will conduct a series of thematic workshops, within the project "From student to employee: advocacy and training services for young people and women at risk in Dolj County". This project aims to increase employment opportunities by supporting the active participation of at least sixty young people aged 13-24, and at least forty women from Fărcaș, Goiești and Șimnicu de Sus communes in Dolj County.

The project is implemented by the Adina Stiftelsen Foundation in partnership with Adina Stiftelsen Bergen and Stiftelsen Kirkens Bymisjon Bergen with the financial support of Active Citizens Fund Romania, a program funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2014-2021

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0351 439 008 | 0749 153 016
0351 439 008 | 0749 153 016
Str. Romul, Bl.D, Ap.7
Craiovei street, No.60A, Leșile Village
Craiova, Dolj
Șimnicu de Sus, Dolj County

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