We provide afterschool educational and recreational activities to a number of 120 children who come from disadvantaged families,
students from schools in the communes of Goiesti and Farcas.

The activities take place from Monday to Friday, after class, between 12:30-16:30 pm, according to a timeline that follows the children’s daily schedule.
The children come to the Afterschool Program after finishing the compulsory classes, serve meals and participate in activities consisting of: supervision and homework support, creative, painting and dance workshops, cultural identity, social abilities development, hygiene courses, tutorials covering the children’s vocational guidance and parents’ counseling.
The Afterschool Program is developed in partnership with the schools from comunele Goiești and Fărcaș communes and the activities are carried out by specialized teaching staff.

527 children supported so far in this program.

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0351 439 008 | 0749 153 016
0351 439 008 | 0749 153 016
Str. Romul, Bl.D, Ap.7
Craiovei street, No.60A, Leșile Village
Craiova, Dolj
Șimnicu de Sus, Dolj County

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